5+A Day

Microsoft Teams: Joining the Collaboration Party

Wed,01/02/17 - 15:43

Many of us will be familiar with Yammer, Slack, and a range of other chat-based...

Desk Director

Tue,29/11/16 - 17:31

Being able to get in touch with our customer support crew quickly and easily – and...

Age Concern Canterbury

Thu,01/09/16 - 14:16

Age Concern Canterbury is a charitable organisation dedicated to advocating for

SPCA Canterbury

Wed,13/07/16 - 17:55

The I.T. Team are proud to be a corporate ‘Champions for Animals’ partner of SPCA...

pokemon go

PokemonGo Panic?

Wed,13/07/16 - 11:40

No sooner had the phenomenally popular PokemonGo AR game launched it seems, than a...

Social Engineering - Are you at Risk?

Mon,11/07/16 - 14:02

Social engineering is the use of research across social media channels by hackers to...


Mon,04/07/16 - 13:17

Ransomware like CryptoLocker - malware that effectively holds a device hostage by...

5 Handy Online 'Recipes'

Tue,24/05/16 - 20:12

Modern life is full of apps and programmes that do all manner of useful things.


Community Care Trust, Dunedin

Fri,22/04/16 - 19:31

Wayne Cockburn, Business Development Manager for CCT in Dunedin has high praise for...