The storage and safety of your files and data is business critical.


You need to know that should you ever need to recover and restore your information you can do so quickly, efficiently and comprehensively, and that you are not vulnerable to malicious ransomware attacks.

Managing your own backup system, particularly if you are relying on manual processes, can be a repetitive and time consuming activity.

Cloud based backup


the I.T. team offer a cloud based service that backs up your files and data automatically on a set schedule.

By using the latest technology, and storing data in secure encrypted systems, we can capture, secure, store and update your data on a daily basis with minimal interruption to your business.

Backup on a schedule that suits your data


We’ll work with you to determine a solution specific to your business needs and level of risk or vulnerability. Some files may need backing up hourly or daily. Other files may need to be backed up monthly.

By looking at the way you use and store your data, we can tailor a solution that maximises benefits while minimising unnecessary replication which can lead to excess costs in bandwidth.

Hosted backup and recovery option


We also offer backup services through our Datacentre partner, Umbrellar. CommVault Backup and Recovery software is used to ensure that your data is securely stored, but also easily managed and accessible when required.

For more information on our partnership with Umbrellar, see here.