Our Core Business Promises

Peace of mind

Ever had those moments when I.T. just won’t work for you?

We promise to make those moments go away using our:

- 24/7/365 real-time monitoring of your I.T. systems

- Unlimited phone and remote access support

- Unlimited on-site support

- Service level guarantees

Better cash flow

I.T. can often seem to be a bottomless pit you are always throwing money into.
We promise to bring cost certainty to the I.T. side of your business by providing:

- All of your I.T. needs consolidated into one package
- A fixed monthly cost for all of your I.T. needs
- Significant reductions in your capital expenditure
- Increased system uptime, helping to make your business more productive and profitable

Less I.T. downtime

We have become so reliant on technology that when it doesn't work business can come to a grinding halt. 

We promise to reduce the risk of I.T. downtime in your business through:

- I.T. services delivered online so you can work from wherever you can get an internet connection
- Backups done online and stored off-site so they are always up to date and ready for a quick restore
- Fail-over systems that remove single points of failure, ensuring your business critical services are always available
- 24/7/365 Proactive monitoring and repair of issues before they cause you headaches

I.T. that is always up to date

One of the great frustrations about technology is that it can become obsolete very quickly, leaving you with the added cost of keeping pace with the changes. 

We promise that your I.T. systems will always be up to date by making available to you:

- Datacentre based servers where we take responsibility to keep hardware and software up to date
- Software delivered over the internet where the software provider keeps their products secure, up to date and available
- Leasing plans that enable you to refresh your I.T. hardware every three years allowing you to keep up with developments in software and computing power
- News on exactly where technology is heading and advice that ensures your I.T. model is spot-on for your needs

More time to focus on your business

This is the best part. Add up all of these promises and what you get is more time for you to focus on the business and not be distracted by what's going on in the business.